One-on-One Photography Instruction

We all are at different places on our photographic journey, perhaps you just got a new camera and want to know how to use it or that dream vacation is booked and you want to make the most of documenting those memories. Wherever you are, I'm here to help. 

I'm a professional photographer and workshop leader and I've helped hundreds of people with developing their own unique photographic voice. My approach is simple, where you are is where we start. I don't think there is a magical blueprint to make you a better photographer because everyone doesn't start at the same place, some of us are more technically minded and need help with composition, others are artistic but the thought of taking their camera off of program mode is frightening. I want to help you with our goals as a photographer. 

I'm offering one on one lessons where I come to your home, office, coffeeshop, or location in the field whichever you choose.